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CELLO CELLO CELLO!! September 13, 2011

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Today was Daniels first individual lesson for the school year. We have officially enrolled in the Copper COuntry Suzuki school and he has lessons twice a week. His individual lessons are on Mondays with ms. Maggie who WE LOVE!!! She is also a homeschooling momma and is the sweeeetest person in the world. She is so kind and soft with Daniel that i just love her and Daniel does too! He started cello last spring when he joined a cello club that she had at the library. We decided to try it out and see if he would like cello..??? Well he does! Even though at times it is HARD and he gets frustrated….he is sticking with it and is doing amazing! He is learning music and can play quite a few songs already! I am a happy momma and am so proud of my little cellist!

Suzuki is a very awesome program they start them young ( you can start older though too) and they really focus on repetition and practice practice practice! It is a VERY disciplined school but it is EXACTLY what i wanted for him. If he wants to play the cello i want him to PLAY the cello! Everyday after we do school in the morning, the have lunch then its 1/2 hour of cello practice! He likes it and i make it fun! We also just got a suzuki book1 CD that we will isten to while we do some of our schoooling so he can hear the cello tunes, before he even learns the song…they say this is GREAT for kids learning the cello! 🙂  🙂


Here is a picture of him practicing a while back, i will take some new ones soon!

Here is the website to the school we are going thru! That is Ms. Maggie on the front of the website! LOVE HER! 🙂

Peace, love and CELLO- Desi


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