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Rocks and Minerals!! September 22, 2011

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This year for science we kicked our year off with a rock and mineral lapbook! It has really been a lot of fun and Daniel is really “digging” it! haha ( wow its goofy). Anyway we took another field trip this time to the A. E. Seaman Museum that is on the Michigan Tech Campus! They just moved so the whole museum is not up and running yet…but what is up is AWESOME! Daniel had so much fun looking at all the different rocks and minerals! PLUS their gift store is awesome to touch everything!! Daniel is a “feeler” like his momma…so he loves to handle the things he is learning about! We even picked up a few cool rocks form there to add to our collection, a petosky stone for Daniel to polish himself (this is the Michigan state rock) and a GEODE!! Daniel was UBER excited to bust  this baby open and see what crystals were forming inside!! We waited until Saturday when Daddy was home to help! It was a fun family activity!

Here is a link to the museum!

Here are some pics from our field trip! 🙂 It was so fun!

Peace, Love and ROCKS AND MINERALS! Desi


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