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BUSY BUSY BEEEEEES! October 6, 2011

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Well this week is hectically CRAZY! Daniel auditioned on Monday for a part in the Missoula CHildrens Theatre play of the Wiz of the West. It is a spin off/country version of the Wizard of OZ. Anyhow he got a part WOOO HOOO! There was 124 kids that auditioned and about 40 or so got parts! I am proud of him. Sad for the kids who didnt make it though…..they were so heart broken!

Sooo this week everynight we drive up to Calumet which is a little over an hour from my house to go to rehearsal! Then on Friday in the play!! Thats right they do it all in one week. If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember last year he was in the Missoula play too! They did King Arthurs Quest! Super fun and he has such a blast doing it!

This year he is a tarantula complete with dancing and singing! CUUUUTEEE!

I will be posting pics once this is all done! AND if you live close by..come see the play! Its friday at 7 or Saturday at 1 at the calumet theatre!!


Ohhh almost forgot…Eric and i get to be REAL grown ups tonight!! We are going to the LIfe Outreach Center annual Banquet! Its at a “fancy smancy” place in Houghton and is catered and there is a speaker coming. This is for th life outreach center where i volunteer at! It is such an awesome prolife center and i am soooooo blessed to work there!! Soooo after rehearsal we are dropping daniel off with a friend and we are going to be grown ups! I am so excited to have a night out with my husband!!


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