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All done…. October 28, 2011

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I deactivated my facebook account today. This is BIG for me. I really did enjoy the easiness of facebook. I could see what all my friends and family were doing so quick and easy. BUt on the same not it was a TIME waster for me. I am a VERY busy homeschooling, college student, wife and momma! I am always on the go go go….and it just sucked too much time away from me. So thats …that! WOW….BIG STEP! I also am tired….I am tired of every post i post being judged by people…who do NOT know me. Who assume they know me..without asking me questions. I am an open book. I will not lie about who I am or what I believe. I can feel myself getting angry over these situations…so i though it best to cut that part of my life off. So here i have a blog…..only people who are really my boring yet crazy life…will read this. And if you get offended by what you read here…Well…im sorry. But this is MY BLOG. Huggs!

Peace and Love-Desi

**Who by the way loves homeschooling, obsesses about college and has to get straight A’s, dont believe in circumcision, select vaccines, I still enjoy cosleeping, I do not cut my hair AT ALL, I only wear skirts, I believe in 1 god…not 3. I believe that holiness STARTS on the INSIDE of someone and I love my husband because he is my best friend and We are adopting because we love children and want more of them in our home.

I most importantly believe in my relationship with GOD. This is me….like me or hate me…this is me.


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