The Adventures of the Lauritsen Family!!


The Lauritsens! April 2, 2009

This is the Lauritsen Blog!

This is who we are!

Eric- Amazing Husband and Father, Manager at Houghton Walmart

Desi- Busy Wife and Momma, Birth Doula and Homeschooling momma!

Daniel- Wonderful, Smart, Funny Fantastc 4 year old son!

Chloe-our crazy hyper dog

Jasmine- our funny cat


One Response to “The Lauritsens!”

  1. Beth aka (NANA)(Mama) Says:

    Hello to you all,

    I loved my visit to your new home. Yes it is very Country. I had a few bad dreams at night when you first told me about the wood stove, and highway so close by. But after seeing it all I feel alittle better. You guys got it all under control. Daniel loves being a “Boy” up there. I do miss having you so close by but it will be fun to come up there for visits. I miss you glad you have this Blog.. Hugs Ma NANa

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