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Trunk or Treating + Angry Birds = SUPER FUN!! November 4, 2011

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I sewed all of us Angry Bird Costumes! Angry birds is a HUGELY POPULAR game on cell phones…and online too! Ā šŸ™‚ Daniel was the green pig, mommy the red bird, daddy the bomb black bird and Uncle Danny the Green bird!! We had such a WONDERFUL weekend and a much needed break!! God is doing really good things in our life……we are so blessed! šŸ™‚


P.s. On a side note my brother Danny (green bird) moved back to the U.P.!! We are glad he is starting over and has a fresh start here! šŸ™‚


Peace, Love and Ladybugs-Desi




All done…. October 28, 2011

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I deactivated my facebook account today. This is BIG for me. I really did enjoy the easiness of facebook. I could see what all my friends and family were doing so quick and easy. BUt on the same not it was a TIME waster forĀ me. I am a VERY busy homeschooling, college student, wife and momma! I am always on the go go go….and it just sucked too much time away from me. So thats …that! WOW….BIG STEP! I also am tired….I am tired of every post i post being judged by people…who do NOT know me. Who assume they know me..without asking me questions. I am an open book. I will not lie about who I am or what I believe. I can feel myself getting angry over these situations…so i though it best to cut that part of my life off. So here i have a blog…..only people who are really my boring yet crazy life…will read this. And if you get offended by what you read here…Well…im sorry. But this is MY BLOG. Huggs!

Peace and Love-Desi

**Who by the way loves homeschooling,Ā obsessesĀ aboutĀ college and has to getĀ straightĀ A’s,Ā dontĀ believe inĀ circumcision, select vaccines, I still enjoy cosleeping, I do not cut my hair AT ALL, I only wear skirts, I believe in 1 god…not 3. I believe that holiness STARTS on the INSIDE of someone and I love my husband because he is my best friend and We are adoptingĀ becauseĀ we love children and want more of them in our home.

I most importantly believe in my relationship with GOD. This is me….like me or hate me…this is me.


BUSY BUSY BEEEEEES! October 6, 2011

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Well this week is hectically CRAZY! Daniel auditioned on Monday for a part in the Missoula CHildrens Theatre play of the Wiz of the West. It is a spin off/country version of the Wizard of OZ. Anyhow he got a part WOOO HOOO! There was 124 kids that auditioned and about 40 or so got parts! I am proud of him. Sad for the kids who didnt make it though…..they were so heart broken!

Sooo this week everynight we drive up to Calumet which is a little over an hour from my house to go to rehearsal! Then on Friday in the play!! Thats right they do it all in one week. If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember last year he was in the Missoula play too! They did King Arthurs Quest! Super fun and he has such a blast doing it!

This year he is a tarantula complete with dancing and singing! CUUUUTEEE!

I will be posting pics once this is all done! AND if you live close by..come see the play! Its friday at 7 or Saturday at 1 at the calumet theatre!!


Ohhh almost forgot…Eric and i get to be REAL grown ups tonight!! We are going to the LIfeĀ OutreachĀ Center annual Banquet! Its at a “fancy smancy” place in HoughtonĀ and is catered and there is a speaker coming. This is for th life outreach center where i volunteer at! It is such an awesome prolife center and i am soooooo blessed to work there!! Soooo after rehearsal we are dropping daniel off with a friend and we are going to be grown ups! I am so excited to have a night out with my husband!!


Day 10: Childhood memory

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Ladybugs!! I love them! I was at the school the day this picture was taken ( Tuesday) and one flew inside the car! i was so happy! lol I am like a kid again when one lands on me! So here is the pic that reminds me of my childhood…Ladybugs. I loved them then…and still love them now! šŸ™‚


Kiss them…make a wish ( a dot will disappear onĀ theirĀ back) and then set them free……..LOVE THEM! šŸ™‚


P.S. Soooooo i TOTALLY know this 30 day photo challenge is sooooo NOT happening in 30 days for me! Oh well…what can i say i am wayyyyyy busy!! Homeschooling, My schooling, Church duties, Wifey duties, mommy duties…….lots to do….soooooo 30 days shmirty days…ill get this done when i get it done!


Peace, Love and Ladybugs– DESI


Rocks and Minerals!! September 22, 2011

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This year for science we kicked our year off with a rock and mineral lapbook! It has really been a lot of fun and Daniel is reallyĀ “digging” it! haha ( wow its goofy). Anyway we took another field trip this time to the A. E. Seaman Museum that is on the Michigan Tech Campus! They just moved so the whole museum is not up and running yet…but what is up is AWESOME! Daniel had so much fun looking at all the different rocks and minerals! PLUS their gift store is awesome to touch everything!! Daniel is a “feeler” like his momma…so he loves to handle the things he is learning about! We even picked up a few cool rocks form there to add to our collection, a petosky stone for Daniel to polish himself (this is the Michigan state rock) and a GEODE!! Daniel was UBER excited to bust Ā this baby open and see what crystals were forming inside!! We waited until Saturday when Daddy was home to help! It was a fun family activity!

Here is a link to the museum!Ā

Here are some pics from our field trip! šŸ™‚ It was so fun!

Peace, Love and ROCKS AND MINERALS! Desi


Day 8 and 9! “Bad Habits and who I love”

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Well, i have been MIA for a week now due to my laptop screenĀ beingĀ broken! But it is all better now!! HALLELUJIA!! So i am back in business and back on my blog! Here are my pics from day 8 and 9! I fell behind on the bare with me as i catch up!! šŸ™‚ I have more homeschooling blog stuff to put up too!!


Day 8..Bad habit…..LAUNDRY!! I get it all washed…..NO PROBLEM… bad habit involves putting it away!! šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦Ā Day 9 is a picture of who I love…well this was easy! My two favorite loves! My awesome hubby and my gorgeous lil man! šŸ™‚ LOVE!! XOXOXOXO

Peace, Love and Ladybugs- Desi




CELLO CELLO CELLO!! September 13, 2011

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Today was Daniels first individual lesson for the school year. We have officially enrolled in the Copper COuntry Suzuki school and he has lessons twice a week. His individual lessons are on Mondays with ms. Maggie who WE LOVE!!! She is also a homeschooling momma and is the sweeeetest person in the world. She is so kind and soft with Daniel that i just love her and Daniel does too! He started cello last spring when he joined a cello club that she had at the library. We decided to try it out and see if he would like cello..??? Well he does! Even though at times it is HARD and he gets frustrated….he is sticking with it and is doing amazing! He is learning music and can play quite a few songs already! I am a happy momma and am so proud of my little cellist!

Suzuki is a very awesome program they start them young ( you can start older though too) and they really focus on repetition and practice practice practice! It is a VERY disciplined school but it is EXACTLY what i wanted for him. If he wants to play the cello i want him to PLAY the cello! Everyday after we do school in the morning, the have lunch then its 1/2 hour of cello practice! He likes it and i make it fun! We also just got a suzuki book1 CD that we will isten to while we do some of our schoooling so he can hear the cello tunes, before he even learns the song…they say this is GREAT for kids learning the cello! šŸ™‚ Ā šŸ™‚


Here is a picture of him practicing a while back, i will take some new ones soon!

Here is the website to the school we are going thru!ĀĀ That is Ms. Maggie on the front of the website! LOVE HER! šŸ™‚

Peace, love and CELLO- Desi