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Day 7- “fruit” September 13, 2011

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Todays blog photo challenge……….Todays picture is of our fruit of the week! This year as part of school… every week when Daniel and I go grocery shopping we pick a new fruit to try! Last week we tried star fruit..neither of us liked that..i don’t know what was wrong with it…it was bitter to us. ( he got to learn what bitter meant though! ) this week he grabbed a green mango! We haven’t tried it yet, we will be tomorrow for breakfast! I am pretty sure he has had mango in  tropical fruit smoothies and such…but this will be the first time he gets to cut one open and eat it in its most simple form! YUMMY! Ill let you know what he thinks tomorrow! 🙂

Peace Love and Ladybugs-Desi


Day 6-“From a low angle” September 12, 2011

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Sundays are a busy day in my home. We have morning service, where I teach sunday school and then come home, clean the  house, TRY to rest and then back for night service at 630. I do love Sundays for the special time I get to spend with the Lord. I mean, of course I have my own daily time with him…but there is something about being in church and hearing preaching. I love a good sermon. I am weird…..its ok! Sermons cause me to think about something OTHER than me….other than whats going on in my life, and how i want things to be…they cause me to think about how they SHOULD be…how GOD wants them to be….they cause me to REALLY ponder….i like that….

Well due to today being its normal busy self..i didnt get to take my picture until JUST NOW! So this picture does have its own story…..everynight i sit on the couch and do homework. I am in college as most of you know, and this final year is really INTENSE. There are more papers, more readings, more “stuff” to do. I use to sit at a desk and do my homework..but i now have found my “spot”. Its in the corner of my living room, on the corner of my couch, with my feet propped up on my exercise ball and my butt cushy and comfy in the couch. Here is where my brain can WORK! lol So tonight i took the pic of what is above me… light, my window and behind me is my family pictures wall.

Once again, nothing fancy, nothing special…just ME and my “own little corner”…… 🙂


Peace, Love and Ladybugs-Desi


Day 5-“from a high angle” September 10, 2011

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While our on our “mini” fishing trip the lake had GORGEOUS lily pads. I LOVE lily pads!! 🙂 I stood on the dock looked down and took this pic. I love it….so pretty! 🙂 




Daddys Day off..time to go fishing! :)

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Today was a GORGEOUS day! The sun was shinning and Eric was off from work.

I got up and made the family grits for breakfast. Now, i personally think grits are DISGUSTING but Eric LOVVES them..especially the way his momma makes them for him down south. SO finally after 8 years of being together i tried to make them! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! haha. Anyway he likes them cooked in a bowl with butter. Then you add over easy eggs and crumbled bacon to them. ( GAG ) oh well….LOL! He LOVEDDDDDD them! He tore them up and was a very happy hubby eating his breakfast. I opted for a tropical smoothie instead!  Daniel had some grits too and like them…all “except the butter”, he has a weird relationship with butter either he LOVES it or he HATES it.

After breakfast we were of to the marina to go fishing. I had some chapters to read for school and Daniel has been wanting to go fishing for a while now. I can’t take him when it’s just Him and I…i am terrified of touching fish!! haha

So we spent the afternoon…about 3 hours or so down at the marina fishing. It was a wonderful afternoon and I even got some SUN! shocking! Here are some pics from our mini fishing trip! 🙂

P.s. Almost forgot…we caught a WHOPPING ……..drumroll please…….ohhh it was awesome……we caught ZERO fish! 🙂 It was still fun! 🙂

Peace Love and Ladybugs-Desi


Day 4- Something Green! September 9, 2011

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Well here is my post for day 4 of our photo challenge! I am having fun with this! It helps me keep active on my blog with everything else! WHile out at the shrine today ( see other blog post) Daniel and I noticed all the leaves changing. This is my FAVORITE time of year, the colors are amazing here in upper Michigan. I can’t even explain the beauty that is around here! God has fun painting this time of year that is for sure!! Todays picture is of just that….the green leaves…as they start to change to orange, yellow, copper, and red! Sooo beautiful.

Daniel and I enjoyed our picnic while looking over the bay and just taking in all of the beauty God has made! 🙂

Did I mention I LOVE my life!!

Peace, Love and Ladybugs-Desi


1st field trip of the year!

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Our schooling started again this week, and Daniel and I were definitely in need of a break! One of the joys of homeschooling is calling a “break day”. I had a dr apt this morning and after that we had a picnic and went to see the Bishop Baraga Shrine here in our town. I had been there before but Daniel never had! A shame to live close to some of the coolest things ( THAT ARE FREEEE to see) and not go see them. So we went today!!

Ever see snow shoes that are over 24 feet tall?? We did today!!! How about a brass/copper cross that is over 7 feet long…WE did today! This shrine has been on the bluff in Baraga since is HUGE! Over 60 feet tall ( just the guy) this is not counting the arches that hold him up!

A couple of facts about Bishop Baraga-He was a missionary to this area and walked over 600miles on SNOWSHOES!! can you imagine..WOW! ( when Daniel and I read this…he said “mom, God helped him thats for sure!”)

He has 5 missions all over lower MI and up here in Upper Michigan. His main goal was to teach the native american tribes about God!  He was super cool!

Here is an awesome quote from him…

“If you love God sincerely and above all, you will easily fulfill all other duties toward Him. Nothing is difficult, nothing is tedious, to a loving heart“-Bishop Baraga 1797-1868

Here are some pics from our trip! 🙂

Peace Love and Ladybugs-Desi


Day 3……Clouds

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Today was a clear sky kind of day….easy free-flowing day. Started my day with prayer and homeschooling and then worked on my “wares” for the open market. While at the market I snagged this picture of the ONLY clouds in the sky…teeeny tiny ones over the bay of Lake Superior.

Today was a good day. Calm, good day.



Photo Challenge-Day 3…Clouds….


Peace, Love and Ladybugs- Desi